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Joe's work is rock solid. His in depth knowledge of the troublespot's, ability to "see" areas we might not and his determination to do a great job make him hard to beat. Home Inspection can be a very hard job and it is impossible to catch everything.. but with Joe we know we have every reasonable area covered.. and covered well.
Joe inspected our home and did a great job! He arrived a few minutes early and immediately began inspecting the roof and exterior of the home. He checked every single electric plug, went up on the roof and all around the crawl space checking everything. He took photos of issues that needed to be repaired and thoroughly explained everything that he was doing, or that he had found. He also provided a great printed report to us to provide to our realtor and the seller to identify the issues that needed to be repaired. He was very professional, courteous and did a great job. I would highly recommend Joe if you need a home inspection.

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