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A beautiful residential home.

Commercial & Residential Inspections

For homes and commercial buildings, our team is ready to inspect every necessary component. From electrical outlets to flooring, we do it all!

We ensure:

  • To follow the Arkansas standards of practice
  • Check every aspect of your home or business
  • We adhere to the AAREI Code of Ethics
  • We offer a home inspection agreement

Guidelines To Consider

We recommend you to read our Home Inspection Agreement to develop a better understanding of the standards of practice we follow.

New Home Inspection

Inspect Your Home Or Business

To ensure that your home or business is safe and meets the required standards, its always good to have an inspector check in periodically. Particularly, if you've added new additions to your home. Darvell and his team will inspect every inch of your space to check for faulty wiring, improper installations and anything else that might cause a problem.

Home Inspector

Inspect Before You Buy

Before you make an offer on a new home, you always want to bring in an inspector in so you can know what you are getting into before you buy.

This process not only reveals any issues within the home that need to be fixed but also helps in assessing the true value of your investment.

Phase Inspections

Phase Inspections

As the name indicates, phase inspections allow inspectors to periodically monitor the building process to ensure that every component is being installed properly. This is a very helpful process for both home owners building their own house or business owners opening a new location. We aim to amend problems that may arise before they are set in stone which minimizes cost and hassle.

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